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• Rolly

ROLLY-headerSONY has released a robotic mp3 player, called the Rolly, which looks remarkably like a miniature Miuro. It’s a small, egg-shaped object that can roll around using two treads, like a wheelchair. Wing tips on either end flap around to the music, which sounds a bit tinny coming from the small speakers. There are 6 motors and two LED arrays capable of producing around 700 colors light up during dance performances.

Rather than pressing buttons to play or skip, you can simply spin the Rolly clockwise or counter-clockwise. If you hold the Rolly vertically, you can spin it to adjust the volume up and down. You can also program your own dance routines for the Rolly to perform for your favorite songs through software on your pc.  A single charge allows around 5 hours of enjoyment, and the 2GB memory can store around 500 mp3s.

Did I mention the Rolly lacks a headphone jack and screen? Even though it’s small enough to fit in your pocket, you won’t be taking it with you on the go, and finding your favorite song will be nearly impossible. The novelty of the Rolly doesn’t seem to justify the $229 USD price tag (dropped from the original price of $400) when you can get an ipod touch or PSP for less that can do much more, but it looks pretty damned cool in motion.


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Image credits:
SONY | Love My Rolly

  • imjustsaying

    Lol yes, the Rolly is really really old but oh well, cool.

  • Stéphane

    outch! 2 years old news… no? (press release : Jan. 6, 2008)

    • Robotbling

      @ Stephane

      I’m going to be covering some older robots and products to add to the archive, if you will, and to put the newer stuff in perspective. If you look through the robots I’ve posted about, most of them have been older projects, but not many people know about them. Inevitably I’ll post something like the Rolly that most people are aware of.