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A cute little communication robot called RURO surfaced at “Yao Robot Fair 2011” courtesy of Matec Yao, a consortium of companies in Yao City (Osaka) that previously built a robot to teach kids about recycling.  The annual event is only three years old but brings together robot enthusiasts of all ages to compete in games and help spur interest in electronics.  A contest to design the robot received more than 1,600 submissions from local 5th and 6th grade students, including entries that depicted robot cats, dogs, catfish, and even one flower-like robot designed to help with watering plants.

RURO measures 60cm (2′) tall and is able to play recorded messages such as greetings.  Built using Kondo KRS-4024HV hobby servo motors, the robot is able to slowly walk forward on its two feet, look around, and gesture with its simple arms.  It even has a spinning light atop its head should it detect a thief!  Looks to me like Mitsubishi’s Wakamaru may have a little friend.

[source: Robonable (JP)] & [Robomedia (JP)]


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