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• M1 Mobile Manipulator

Meka Robotics (a San Francisco company started by MIT roboticists) has unveiled a new mobile manipulation platform based on Georgia Tech’s Cody.  The M1 Mobile Manipulator is made up of various components built by the company, including an omnidirectional mobile base, optional heads, hands, and sensors, and a height-adjustable torso with compliant limbs.  It stands 126cm (4’1″) tall and weighs 165kg (363 lbs), with a 7-DOF head and 7-DOF arms.  The price will vary depending on the parts selected, but starts at $340,000 USD for the standard model.

Meka Robotics is quickly building a reputation for designing fantastic parts, including attractive humanoid heads, which has proven difficult for many American institutions.  The head shown here is equipped with a laser range finder in its forehead, and later this year the standard model will have a head with a built-in Microsoft Kinect sensor.  The eyes have a lovely translucent iris (which is a nice touch), but after watching the video below I feel they would benefit from eyelids to prevent aggressive staring.  That should be an easy addition since Meka’s other head, Dreamer, has blinkers that work perfectly.

[source: Meka Robotics] via [GetRobo (JP)] & [IEEE Automaton]


Video (M1 Mobile Manipulator) (Mirror):

Video (T2 Humanoid Torso) (Mirror):


Image credit:
Meka Robotics