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• Ari-1

Solubot, the same company that worked with KITECH on the Ever-1, showcased their semi-realistic female android at the Industrial Automation Show 2011 Automation World (March 8~11th) named Ari-1 (taken from Arirang, the name of a Korean folksong).  The robot was designed primarily to study human-robot interaction, and can recognize faces with its cameras.  Although it appears to talk and sing, the robot only uses prerecorded voices (not speech synthesis like the recent Vocaloid software).  The robot has soft skin with embedded touch sensors, and looks somewhat cartoonish given that it was developed circa 2006, especially when compared to the more recent androids like the Geminoid-F.  Solubot also manufactures various servo motors for industrial and service robots, as well as battery packs and training kits.




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