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REEM: PAL Robotics’ Commercial Humanoid Service Robot

PAL Robotics’ REEM-H2 has had its name shortened to REEM, and made its debut at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Complex in the United Arab Emirates.  They’re already gearing up to produce 20 of the robots to fulfill orders from Middle Eastern countries including the UAE.

REEM stands 165cm (5’4″) tall and moves on a mobile base at up to 5km/hour that doubles as a trolley.  Its stereoscopic vision allows it to track and recognize faces, while a combination of ultrasonic and laser range sensors prevent it from bumping into obstacles or people.  It has a total of 22 degrees of freedom, which allows it to look around and communicate through friendly or entertaining gestures.  It operates for up to 8 hours on its lithium battery, allowing it to operate autonomously without the need for cables or human assistance – though you can make a video call to the help desk through its touch screen should the need arise.

From the press release:

“Besides the fact that our current model REEM can perform a variety of tasks and acts as a human assistant in a variety of environments, it is also modular”, said Francesco Ferro, the CEO of PAL Robotics while announcing REEM’s commercial launch. “Its modularity makes it an excellent robotic technological platform, from which a variety of other robots can be developed”.

REEM is a humanoid robot, equipped with an autonomous navigation system, a touch screen, and is capable of roaming through any kind of surroundings. It can be used as a guide, an entertainer, a logistical tool and has many other applications, while its touch screen can be used for a variety of multimedia applications, e.g. to display a map of the surrounding area, display a variety of information, and for tele-assistance. The robot is customizable and can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

PAL Robotics has been developing humanoid robots for several years (see REEM-A, REEM-B, and REEM-H1), and this marks a major milestone as their first commercial product.  We think the new robot looks fantastic, and we’re excited to see how our design contest entry is interpreted with PAL Robotics’ upcoming bipedal humanoid REEM-C.  More photos of the robot in action after the break.

[source: PAL Robotics press release]


Video (REEM promo 1) (Mirror):

Video (REEM promo 2) (Mirror):


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PAL Robotics

  • alex

    I don’t know. Entertainer with that awful synthesizer ? The people have to type everything on the screen, shouldn’t it have voice recognition ? When they showed the face at the end of the 2nd video – scaaary, only the chainsaw is missing. Why did they have a deign contest when they don’t learn from it and don’t use the winning design.