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The Robot Institute, a new South Korean robotics venture, has developed what they are calling the world’s first “volunteerbot”.

The company says the robot (named KIRO) will appear at various international robot-related events and tournaments where it will greet participants in their native language and provide information such as game rules, competition schedules, and results.

It will also appear in kindergarten and primary school classrooms as KIRO Reader, using its built-in touch screen and multimedia edutainment software suite to teach English, storytelling, and mathematics. This version can read flash cards and synchronize with an electronic blackboard, so that whatever you write on the robot’s screen is transmitted simultaneously.  No doubt the company hopes to capitalize on the government’s R-Learning initiative, positioning KIRO Reader in direct competition to Yujin Robot’s iRobiQ.

Another model called KIRO Homebot will provide real-time video monitoring via PC or mobile device when you’re away from home, and provide cooking recipes, weather updates, and other lifestyle information.   Besides spreading the news about Korea and Korean technology, KIRO’s other talent includes measuring your pulse, which the company plans to put to use in a medical support robot called MediBot.  The Robot Institute is planning a variety of different models, such as KIRO Manager (general service robot), and KIRO Onbot (museum or exhibition guide).

[source: Robot Institute (KR)] via [OneNews (KR)]




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