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Geminoid Summit

Last month (note: the date on the video is a typo) the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute held a Geminoid summit at their offices in Nara, Japan, where Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro (the inventor of the Geminoids) along with Associate Prof. Henrik Scharfe, and an unnamed female model got together with their synthetic doppelgangers for a cool photo op.  The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the Geminoids are much less convincing when seen next to their human counterparts (see: What’s not to love about the Geminoids? for more on that).  In the video, Henrik mentions his observation that the three of them can’t seem to stop primping and adjusting their android doubles.  They were sensitive to anything out of place, and wanted their android to look its best since its job is to look like them.  It’s quite an interesting conundrum to have to groom your android… it must have truly felt like something out of a dream!

Video (Mirror):

[source: GeminoidDK @ YouTube]