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NAO’s RoboCup Skills Continue To Improve

Check out this video of Leipzig University’s Team HTWK competing against the University of Bonn’s Team NimbRo at the RoboCup German Open 2011.  It looks to me like NAO’s walking gait has been improved quite a bit since last year, and the robots aren’t falling over nearly as much even when they walk into one another.  This is the 2nd year that Team NimbRo is competing in the Humanoid Standard League; last year they won Best Humanoid in the non-standard leagues.  The rest of the world will get their game on from July 5th~11th in Istanbul, Turkey.


[source: NAO Team HTWK @ YouTube]

  • Vynce

    The B-Human are doing great as well. They won the german open this year in the standard platform league. In the last chat about episode, the B-Human team said their robots could reach 28cm/s.