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Samurai of Kuroda (Robot) Meets Geisha (Robot)

Crafthouse, the makers of the ultra hardcore Melissa robot kit and God hands, has once again teamed up with RoboSquare to create a new robot based on Japanese Hakata dolls.  Previously they created a robot based on the Samurai of Kuroda, and now they’ve created a Geisha robot to go with him.  They are currently accepting name ideas for the new robot.  You can watch her perform a traditional fan dance called “Auspicious Celebration” beginning at around 45 seconds in the following video, or in person at RoboSquare if you happen to be in Fukuoka, Japan.  Underneath her pretty dress is the Crafthouse Melissa Exceed kit, which was designed to make full use of Kondo’s powerful line of KRS-4000 servos.

Video (Mirror):

It’s somewhat surprising we don’t see more of these types of robots given Japan’s rich history of sophisticated automata, which you can check out in our feature article detailing some pretty amazing karakuri ningyo.

[source: Craftmankk @ YouTube]

  • I love these Geisha Robots. I wish I have one. thanks robosquare!