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CIT Brains’ Hajime Robot 31 Gears Up For RoboCup 2011

CIT Brains, the RoboCup team representing the Chiba Institute of Technology, has published some videos of their robots in the run-up to the RoboCup Japan Open 2011.  Their impressive Teen Size robot (known as Hajime Robot 31) stands a meter tall, weighs 5kg (11 lbs), and has 17 degrees of freedom using servos from Vstone and Robotis.  It uses a parallel link in the legs, and has a shock absorber in its neck mechanism to prevent damaging the super wide-angle lens camera if it falls.  Rather charmingly, it appears to be programmed to play different sound cues when making a decision (e.g. when it is going to attempt to kick the ball).  You can read the technical paper on the robot here (.PDF).

Video (Teen Size) (Mirror):

Video (Teen Size Penalty Kicks) (Mirror):

Video (Teen Size Obstacle Course) (Mirror):

And should you like to see their Kid Size robots in action you can watch this 8 minute video.

[source: Hayashibara Lab (JP)] & [YasuoHayashibara @ YouTube]