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• P-Noir

PNOIR-headersmP-Noir (short for Pineau Noir) was designed to be unsettling. In full clown costume, P-Noir is described as a feminist, cradling a doll of Ozamu Tezuka’s most famous creation, Astro Boy. While all of Tatsuya Matsui’s robots have mask-like faces, P-Noir is perhaps the most literal representation of the age-old drama masks that inspired them. P-Noir was displayed at Robodex 2002 and on video at exclusive art galleries (of which clips seem impossible to find online), and not much is known about it. It’s more of an art piece than a science project.

Flower Robotics is currently working on household and office robots, which Matsui-san expects will be ready within the next 5 to 10 years. They also have a number of secret projects, including some for the Japanese government. In the meanwhile, they are paying the bills with interior design and marketing for big businesses like airlines, banks, and fancy hotels.

・Flower Robotics (official site JP/EN)



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Flower Robotics
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