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Aldebaran Robotics’ Bruno Maisonnier Talks Robots

Bruno Maisonnier, the founder of Aldebaran Robotics, recently gave a lecture about robots.  I don’t think this is the whole thing, but it’s still a good 25 m 43 s long.  According to Maisonnier, the reason to build humanoid robots is simply because they are easier to interact with and more acceptable by people.  He states that Aldebaran Robotics’ goal is to create robots for the development and well being of human kind.  He points to cartoons, such as Astro Boy and Mickey Mouse, for examples of the shapes and characters we find appealing.  He also shows some other examples of humanoid robots that shares a lot in common with our Illustrated Guide to Designing Humanoid Robots.  Perhaps Bruno reads Plastic Pals, or maybe we’re just on the same wavelength?  In any case, it seems Project ROMEO is still in full swing as hinted by some of the slides.  We hope to get a proper in-depth look at ROMEO later this year.

Video (part 1, Introduction) (Mirror):

Video (part 2, Why Robots) (Mirror):

Video (part 3, Why Humanoids) (Mirror):

In general I felt it was a good presentation, but of course he did gloss over some of the competition, especially newer robots like the DARwIn-OP (though to be fair, it hasn’t really had a chance to prove itself).

via [NAO Video Blog]

  • I think that marketing is the best way to democratize robots. Indeed, as a consumer if it fails or to ensure adequate level of service, to whom shall I turn?
    Open source is for those who have computer or mechanics skills but it is not true for everyone ….
    There is a majority of people prefer to buy a finished product rather than a product kit, no ?

  • Robotbling


    I don’t see a problem with commercialization, after all if robots are going to become commonplace then they’ll have to get there eventually. I would like to see NAO become more modular so that new legs, for example, could be developed and sold separately to improve the design and functionality.

  • alex

    I actually don’t like Nao because of his commercialization, I think DARwIn-OP is a much better choice.
    Did he really play StarWars music at the end 0.o