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• ApriPoco

JAPAN-TOSHIBA-ROBOTAs an extension of their line of ApriAlpha interface robots, Toshiba has developed the ApriPoco, taken from the words Advanced Personal Robot with Intelligence, and the Italian for ”little by little” which is the pace at which it learns commands.  Unveiled in March 2008, ApriPoco is a voice activated universal remote that looks like a cute turtle with wings that flap around like those on the SONY Rolly.

It works by picking up signals from standard remote controls and asks you what you are doing, to which you are supposed to reply in a clear voice.  Eventually it will know how to turn on your television, switch to a specific channel, or play a DVD simply by being told.  This system solves the problem that conventional speech recognition technology has with some accents or words, since it is trained by each individual user.  It can send signals from IR transmitters in its arms, and has cameras in its head with which it can identify specific users.



Image credits:
Toshiba | Impress Robot Watch

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