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DARwIn-OP at Robogames 2011

Here’s a video starring the lovely DARwIn-OP taken by Michael Overstreet at Robogames 2011. As you can see its walking capabilities seem finely tuned and generally faster than Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO, and the build quality on the parts seems very nice as well.  Hit the source link to check out some of his photos to see the fine detail.

Video (Mirror):

[source: I Bioloid]

  • Robotbling

    One thing I prefer on the NAO design-wise is that its servos aren’t exposed the way they are on the DARwIn-OP. If the DARwIn-OP had totally enclosed servos it would just look so much better.

  • alex

    I really like this guy much more than Nao. The hype around Nao is so annoying and fail like the hype around overpriced Apple products. This guy is cheaper, open source and looks somehow better.