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See How DARwIn-OP Stacks Up To NAO

Robotis and Virginia Tech’s open source humanoid DARwIn-OP took its first stab at Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO at the RoboCup US Open 2011, which took place from April 22nd ~ 24th.  At only 39cm (15″) tall the DARwIn-OPs were dwarfed by their 60cm (23.5″) opponents, and things didn’t go so well.  Of course, the DARwIn-OP is still a newborn compared to the NAO.  We’ll probably have to wait at least another year, and further optimization, before we’ll see things really heat up, but it’s fun to see them toddling around on the field with the big boys.

Video (Mirror):

And if you can’t get enough, head past the break to see a four part demo (with a rough but hilarious start).  These videos are of a pre-game match, and for the most part the NAOs don’t put up much of a fight so that the teams can calibrate the DARwIn-OPs.

[source: Bowdoin Northern Bites] via [Hitzhangyd @ YouTube] via [Robotis @ Twitter]

Video (part 1 of 4) (Mirror):

Video (part 2 of 4) (Mirror):

Video (part 3 of 4) (Mirror):

Video (part 4 of 4) (Mirror):

  • I think the issue is that while both the humanoid and standard league’s are under the robocup umbrella they are completely independent. I guess I just need to specifically find and sign up to the standard league mailing lists if I want notification of these robocup events.

  • @ Billy

    Yep. However, it seems Bowdoin has hosted the event for the past few years, so they’re probably one to watch for next year.

  • Anyone else have zero idea that this event was going to take place?