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FURO Gets A Facelift For The World IT Show 2011

Korea’s Future Robot is showing off a new version of their service robot at the World IT Show 2011 (WIS2011), which runs from May 11th~14th.  The robot, called FURO, is known for its  anime-style avatar and it’s large touch-screen with a card reader and printer.  The new design makes subtle, but significant aesthetic tweaks to the earlier model.  The head screen and arms have a more organic shape, and the animated avatar’s face has been cropped to the edges of the screen.  Before, the whole head could be seen, which looked a bit like the disembodied heads from Futurama.  There are male face options as well, with 30 variations available in total.

The restaurant version, FURO-R, can take your order, accept payment (via debit or credit cards), and print out your receipt in one smooth transaction.  Future Robot is also targeting the educational telepresence market, which is gaining momentum in Korea’s English classes.  Six of the robots will be used in a new restaurant and four more units have taken up residence in a hospital lobby.  They can operate for up to 5 hours but only take 30 minutes to recharge.

Video (UI demonstration):

A batch of photos follow after the break.



Image credit:
Aving | Future Robot

  • alex

    I liked the old face more
    the screen could be smaller, it looks a bit stupid with that large screen
    at least the body looks better now