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• HRP-3P


As part of their 5 year development plan, AIST further refined their humanoid robot with the HRP-3P (P for prototype), which was unveiled in September 2006.  This version’s biggest upgrade was its dust and water-proof body, which they demonstrated by having the robot dance under an artificial rain shower.  This of course opens up many possibilities for outdoor work, regardless of the weather conditions, including in space where moondust can be extremely bad for electronics.

Improvements to the battery system provide an operation time between 1 and 2 hours.  The HRP-3P can also support its body weight using its arms; for example if it needs to reach over a table, it can rest on one of its arms to support its upper body while it works with the other.  The HRP-3P can also walk on slippery surfaces, as demonstrated by walking on a smooth sheet of teflon (which has a friction coefficient similar to driving on icy roads or walking on a polished hardwood floor with socks on).

The HRP-3P stands 160cm tall and weighs 65kg and has 36 DOF.  The HRP-3P improves on the HRP-2 Promet’s arms with more degrees of freedom (shoulder x3, elbow x1, wrist x3) and has a 3 DOF hand.  It has stereo cameras for vision as well as 3 others for distance estimation.



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  • Buyck

    I’m not so impressed by this robot. Its quite slow… i wonder what the improvements will bring in 2010 and later. I hope this type of robots will act a little faster and look more human. The hands hase no vingers, not even a face. It can not speek and so on… a lot of progress hase to be made!