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A team of researchers at the Institute of System Information and Control at the National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, have developed the university’s first full-scale humanoid.  Nei Dau (a.k.a. Dynamic Motion Balance Humanoid Robot, or DMBHR for short) stands 130cm (4’3″) tall but weighs just 9.6kg (21 lbs).  Despite its size, it makes use of Robotis RX64 and AX12 servos (24 in all) for its 20 degrees of freedom (2 legs x6, 2 arms x3, head x2).  It has 2 cameras and makes use of standard sensors to keep its balance (gyro, accelerometer, and force sensors in the feet).  The robot previously competed at RoboCup 2010, and will compete for Team Kaobotics in the Adult Size League at RoboCup 2011.



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