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• AcYut

Researchers at the Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani) in Pilani, India, say they have built India’s first homegrown humanoid robot.  AcYut (which is Sanskrit for “the imperishable one” or “one who does not fall down”)  has been in development since 2008.  Currently the robot is up to its 4th incarnation (AcYut-2 pictured at left), and has won several medals at RoboGames, gold at Robo-Olympics, and the HuroCup at FIRA 2010.  The team of 5 researchers even built a teleoperation controller that allows AcYut to be controlled with body movements.

The robots have been gradually growing in size over the years.  AcYut-2 stood 82cm (2’8″) tall, weighed 9kg (19 lbs), and had 26 degrees of freedom.  AcYut-3 stood 92cm (3′) tall, weighed 7.2kg (15.8 lbs) and had 28 degrees of freedom.  AcYut-4 stands 101cm (3’3″) tall, weighs 7.2kg, and has 28 degrees of freedom – and is the first with a camera. It will compete at RoboCup 2011 in the Teen Size League.

Video (RoboCup 2011 Qualification video):

More videos, including a recap of the robot’s development from its humble beginnings, is tucked after the break.

[source: AcYut] & [AcYut blog] & [AcYut @ Facebook]

Video (Journey of AcYut):

Video (AcYut-1 dances at ROBO-ONE 14 in 2008):

Video (AcYut-4 dance):


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