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Plant Guard Robot Helps You Grow A Greener Thumb

Have you ever had trouble taking care of your houseplants?  Well, the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) has developed a simple “robot” just for you.  They’re calling it a “plant guard robot”, and you stick it in your potted plants to monitor the soil moisture in real-time.  Apparently its for plants that require regular care (not plants like cacti).  If the water level falls below a certain level, a red LED will blink and the cricket will make a noise.  If all’s well a soothing blue LED pulsates.  It’ll retail for about 9900 KRW ($8 USD).  In the future, they want to include other features like specializing it for certain plants or for detecting radiation levels or other harmful environmental factors.  You can probably find something similar in stores, but they’re probably not this cute!

[source: ClubCity (KR)]

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