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• Mahru II / Ahra II

MAHRU2-headersmLess than one year after unveiling their first network-based humanoid (2006) Samsung and KIST created the second generation Mahru and Ahra humanoids (white and silver, respectively).  They had improved voice, face, obstacle, and moving object recognition handled by external computers on a network, and a maximum walking speed of 1km/h.  The researchers believe the robots will be capable of learning simple tasks and sharing that knowledge instantly through the network with one another by 2009.

The newly redesigned face includes LED eyes that light up.  The robot was able to grasp a canned drink from a table and track a colored ball with its vision and hands.  Unfortunately not much is known about Mahru II & Ahra II because the researchers quickly developed a new prototype.





Image credit:
Aving News Network | Yonhap News

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