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• Mahru III

MAHRU3-headersmIn a mere 7 months (June 2006 to January 2007) Samsung Electronics created the third version of their household humanoid robot, Mahru III.  It was created to settle most of the issues that were discovered in Mahru II or still present from the original.  Besides its friendlier appearance which was designed entirely using CAD software, the Mahru III has a stable walking gait and can walk on surfaces with 1cm protrusions.  Nevertheless it still faces familiar challenges, like a short battery life (30 minutes) and slow walking speed (1.3km/h).

The researchers’ current goal is to increase the walking speed to 2.6km/h (deemed the optimal speed for this design), as well as whole-body motion control such as lifting heavy objects, stepping for balance, reaching for a target object, and passing under/over obstacles.  These types of abilities have already been addressed in other humanoids, such as AIST’s HRP series, so these are realistic goals.

This version reminds me a lot of Sony’s QRIO (in terms of its design), making it one of the most gorgeous full-size humanoid robots around.  Have a look at QRIO and compare them, they are both very well engineered.  Samsung is definitely getting close to a working production model for their Mahru robots, and have since created a new version called Mahru R (though we prefer Mahru 3).

・KIST’s official site for Mahru & Ahra (KR/EN)


Video (mocap demo):

Video (mocap demo):


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Yonhap News

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