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Video: HRP-4C Sings At Jisso Protec 2011

JARA, the Japan Robot Association, is sponsoring this year’s Jisso Protec show. It’s taking place at Tokyo Big Sight alongside a couple of other exhibitions by the electronic circuitry and semiconductor industries this week.  That’s all well and good, but it’s hard to get people interested unless you have a catch.  That’s just the ticket for the female android HRP-4C, co-developed by AIST, Kawada Industries, and Kokoro Co. Ltd..  She’s drawing crowds at Yamaha Motors’ booth with a new song and dance routine.  Yahama, of course, developed the Vocaloid synthesizer software that gives the robot her singing voice.  Is it just me or does her performance seem extra spirited?


In November and December of this year we’ll be treated to the biennial International Robot Exhibition (IREX), followed by SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 in Hong Kong.

[source: xiaoniao2009 @ YouTube] via [Shuuji Kajita @ Twitter (JP)]