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• Hex Bugs

HEXBUG-headersmInnovation First came up with some little robotic toys called Hex Bugs. They come in a variety of shapes and colors, and are a bit limited compared to the Bandai WonderBorg, but they’re still pretty cool desktop toys. They move around independently but will change direction if you clap your hands or their antennae come into contact with something. You can snag one for about $20 (a little expensive considering you can get the Toko Toko Tachikoma for $15), and I’ve seen packs of all five selling online for $50.

New versions have been added to the initial line-up: one that looks and moves like a crab; another that moves like an inchworm; and an ant-type. The crab uses its light sensor to find dark places to hide, while the inchworm can be controlled directly with a small remote. The ant is a fast moving type that turns directions when its antennae come into contact with something.  There are also some smaller ones that behave like Bristlebots called Hex Bug Nanos.

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