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Video: HRP-4C Takes A Stroll Outdoors

Late last year we saw some photos of the HRP-4C walking outside.  It’s taken several months, but researchers at AIST (Japan’s Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) have finally posted a video of the experiment online.  This isn’t anywhere near as impressive as Boston Dynamics’ all-terrain BigDog, but it’s still quite unusual to see a humanoid walking around outside the lab.  The robot makes use of an inverted pendulum control model to maintain its equilibrium.  In the 2nd part of the video, you can easily see the gradation in the concrete that might throw a lesser robot off balance.


via [S_Kajita @ Twitter (JP)]

  • brett long

    I think that most people i’ve talked to about the future of robotics are going to be seriously surprised when the robots start interacting with, then replacing them at work.

    • The robots have reached a point where, even if they can’t walk exactly like a person, they are good enough that they could do many types of jobs – if they had better artificial intelligence. The intelligence gap means we’re still a long way off from practical humanoids. We also need to work on improving energy efficiency, battery life, and sensing technologies.

      For the time being, I don’t think people need to worry about robots replacing them at work unless they work very simple jobs. The best solution is to get an education and put your brains – that which robots can’t replicate (yet) – to work.