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Simulate Your NAO, DARwIn-OP, And More With Webots

Check out the latest video from Cyberbotics showcasing the capabilities of their robotics simulation software.  Webots has come a long way since its inception more than 10 years ago, and is used by more than 800 universities around the world.  Humanoid programmers can run accurate simulations of a number of popular platforms including the NAO, DARwIn-OP, Bioloid, Kondo KHR-3, HOAP-2, and more.  The simulated bots feature the same actuators and sensors as the real ones.  For example, you can connect the simulation to NaoQi or Aldebaran Choreographe to test your motions in a physics simulator or run a simulation of a RoboCup match.


You can try out a free version with limited features or purchase the software from the company’s website.

[source: Cyberbotics]

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