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Robotic Security Kiosk Still Uses Pesky ID Cards

For many employees, an ID card is required in order to enter an office building.  Shandong Kang Bai ROBOT Automation Co., Ltd is working with the Harbin Institute of Technology to create industrial manufacturing robots, and have used the welding robots to produce a friendly robot security kiosk.  Standing nearly 2 meters tall atop its podium, it uses a head mounted camera and face recognition software to let registered employees pass automatically, waving its arm in a stilted greeting.

The first time they pass the robot they must confirm their credentials by swiping their ID card.  It takes a photo, registers them into a database, and will recognize them automatically from then on.  However, swiping your ID card is still faster so employees will still use them.  It records all the comings and goings, can be used to make phone calls, and will sound an alarm if someone passes without identification.

A few more photos and CG renders follow after the break.

[source: Xinhua (CN)]


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