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Himeji Softworks announce JO-ZERO, STD-ZERO

JO-ZERO-small STD-ZERO-smallOn July 6th 2009 Himeji Softworks announced their hobby robot kit venture with two humanoids, JO-ZERO and (the rather unfortunately named) STD-ZERO. STD is the abbreviation for Standard and not “sexually transmitted disease”. They go on sale beginning July 15th 2009.

Both kits come with proprietary programming software JOZ Controller, that can handle up to 24 servo motors.  And due to JO-ZERO’s standard body, users will benefit from the included Motion Generator software, which can automatically generate walking gaits.  During the demonstration, it took only 10 minutes to create a working walking gait, which is normally a difficult and time-consuming task.  Users will store motion data as well as audio clips (in .WAV format) on a microSD card (up to 2GB).

  • JO-ZERO comes with 20 Futaba servo motors for 120,000 JPY ($1250 USD)
  • STD-ZERO comes with 17 Futaba servo motors for 100,000 JPY ($1050 USD)

Himeji Softworks also has plans to roll out optional parts, and was showing off the “ZERO-HAND” which uses 1 servo motor to drive the gripping mechanism.  Although it is described as having 5 fingers, it looks more like the Robonova-1 grippers than the recently announced Crafthouse “GOD-HAND” extension (for Melissa), which really does have 5 fingers.  The ZERO-HAND will go on sale in August 2009, though no price has yet been set.

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