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STD-ZERO-headersmHimeji Softworks’ STD-ZERO (STD for Standard) isn’t quite as attractive as its brother, JO-ZERO, but that’s kind of the point. This kit is targeting hobbyists who wouldn’t be happy unless they customized it themselves. As such, it’s 100,000 JPY (20,000 JPY cheaper than JO-ZERO). Battery and charger are sold separately.

STD-ZERO comes with 17 servo motors (as opposed to JO-ZERO’s 20). As such it is lighter, weighing only 680g (as opposed to 800g) and can operate for 30 minutes (instead of 20) on a single charge. It utilizes the same controller board and programming software as JO-ZERO, which allows users to expand the number of servos to 24, output audio clips (in .WAV format), and automatically generate walking gaits using the included Motion Generator software.

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