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New Japanese Comedy “ROBO-G” Slated For 2012

Shinobu Yaguchi, the director of acclaimed comedies Water Boys, Swing Girls, and Happy Flight, has set his eyes on humanoid robots for his next film, ROBO-G.

The president of a failing electronics company decides to boost its corporate image by building an extravagant humanoid robot.  A week before the impending Robotics Expo the project is still a total wreck.  The team decides to take emergency measures by hiring an old man (recently accused of suffering dementia) to wear a fictional robot suit!  When the “robot” becomes an unexpected sensation, how long can they can keep up the charade?

The title is a clever play on “Oji” (Japanese for “old man”).  The film is also something of a Cinderalla story – this particular Oji-san is played by a Mr. Suzuki, making his acting debut at the ripe old age of 73, who was chosen from among 200 people from the local elderly resource center.  Currently in post-production, the film will premiere in early 2012.  We can’t wait!  Until then, click here to see just how convincing such a costume can be!

[source: ROBO-G (JP)] via [Sumirenopapa @ Twitter (JP)]

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