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• BHR-3

The Beijing Institute of Technology’s Institute of Intelligent Robotics’ third full-size bipedal humanoid is certainly worth checking out.  From a mechanical point of view, the BHR-3 appears to be identical to BeiBei and JingJing, just with a different exoskeleton that more closely resembles the earlier BHR-2 (conceptual artwork shows BeiBei and JingJing with the initials of the Chinese Museum of Science and Technology printed on their chests, so it’s possible they were commissioned by that museum).

It measures between 165~170cm (5’2″~5’9″) tall, weighs less than 60kg (132 lbs), and has no less than 28 degrees of freedom.  Like its predecessors it is cable-free and can perform programmed routines like tai chi exercises and simple movements like walking forward, backward, side to side, and so on.  The robots are being rented and sold as high-tech promotional models for display at museums, tech shows, and other venues.

It has been demonstrated at the Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum, the Guangdong Science Center, and the Chinese Museum of Science and Technology.  It appears that BIT’s robotics research lab has broken off to form their own company, called Beijing HuaKaiHui Information Technology Co., Ltd., where they list all of their robotics projects including medical, military, and disaster-relief robots.  As for the BHR-3, they had some help from the China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation, which shows some conceptual artwork for the robot at their site (along with some for Eliza).

Though they still trail behind the likes of ASIMO, China’s humanoid robots seem to be catching up to those in South Korea, and are certainly amongst the most sophisticated in the world.  More photos and a video clip follow after the break.

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