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• GuardBo

The Kunshan Industrial Technology Research Institute (KSITRI) displayed some new robots at the recent ICRA 2011 in Shanghai.  CoolBo is described as an educational modular robot with units that can be programmed to perform obstacle avoidance, flip over, deform, and move with music.

GuardBo (photo) may look like a children’s toy, with its bright colored plastic shell and its changing expressions, but it’s actually a home security robot.  Families leave it on 24 hours a day, so that its multiple sensors can detect smoke, gas leakages, unauthorized entry, and natural or man-made disasters.  It can also transmit images from the internet through a wireless connection.

Another household robot that looks like PaPeRo!  We’d like to see some new ideas in this space.

[source: ITRI, 2 (CN)]