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• Monsieur II-P

MONSIEURIIP-headersmIn 2003, Epson unexpectedly unveiled a new prototype micromachine called the Monsieur II-P at Robodex after a lengthy absence of their EMRoS line.  A group of them performed a ballet on a small stage, incorporating a routine of precise, pre-programmed movements.

Monsieur II-P is much larger than the original, measuring 7.8cm cubed and weighing 12.5g.  Despite this increase in size, its ultrasonic motor (which Epson believes to be the smallest in the world) allows him to speed around at 150mm/sec (much faster compared to the stepping motor used in wrist watches and previous models).

The most significant enhancements include a built-in Bluetooth module, which enables users to wirelessly control the robot, as well as three 1.7-volt zinc-air batteries which allow for up to 5 hours of continuous travel.  Sadly, Monsieur II-P was never commercialized despite making appearances at various events.



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