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Mexico Gets Its First Humanoid Robot, Mex-One

Professor Eduardo Bayro-Corrochano at CINVESTAV (affiliated to Mexico’s National Polytechnic Institute) claims his humanoid robot Mex-One (aka Geometrix) is the most advanced of its type in Latin America.  He says the robot can walk, but when you watch the video you’ll see that it is clearly suspended above the ground and not supported by its two legs.  So far the project, originally unveiled in July 2010, has cost a total of $100,000.  Now, he says, the robot can be built for half as much.

Mex-One stands 105cm (3’5″) tall and weighs 15kg (33 lbs), with 40 servos powering its joints (it uses multiple servos to power a single joint).  The robot was actually developed by Prof. Bayro-Corrochano with the help of Boston’s Energid Technologies (which specializes in robotics and machine vision) and Robai (which markets some of Energid’s robotics technology, including the humanoid).  Mex-One is capable of rudimentary object and face recognition, with processing done on an external computer network.


The video narrator seems to have mistranslated a statement by Prof. Bayro-Corrochano.  Far from saying Mex-One is superior to robots developed in other countries, it seems he was saying that Mexico must catch up with what other countries are doing, and that Mex-One is the first step towards that goal.  In the future, Prof. Bayro-Corrochano believes Mex-One will be able to climb stairs, pour water, and hold basic conversations, and that robotics technology will revolutionize medicine and other fields.


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