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Char’s Zaku Could Be Japan’s Next Life-Sized Giant Robot Statue

Coming to a Japanese skyline (maybe)?

It seems one Mr. Takayama, a lifelong Gundam fan from Mibu, Tochigi is unhappy with the sorry state of giant robot statues in Japan.  What’s that you say?  Japan has more giant robot statues than your country?  Pshah.  You see the 1/1 scale Gundam statue that was erected in Odaiba and later moved to Shizuoka has no clear enemies (outside of this rip-off from a low rent Chinese theme park).  If it doesn’t have to defend the Earth Federation, a Gundam has no real purpose – no raison d’être.

That’s where Char Azunable’s Zaku comes in; an intimidating red cyclopean mecha sporting a spiky shoulder pad from the Principality of Zeon.  When it comes to melee combat, the Zaku is equipped with a beam axe rather than the Gundam’s beam saber.  Mr. Takayama wants to build one at 1/1 scale, which would stand 18 meters (59′) tall and serve as a tourist attraction.  Of course, the project would run into the billions of yen, so Mr. Takayama is organizing a team of volunteers and hopes online donations will fund the project.

Bandai owns the copyrights and has remained mum about it, but the project is just getting started.  We’ll keep you updated if it manages to power up.

[source: Yahoo! News Japan (JP)]

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