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Contest! Plastic Pals Turns 2 Years Old

Plastic Pals turned two years old this month (the 19th, to be exact) so it’s a perfect time to stop and reflect on it.  To start off, let me thank you for visiting Plastic Pals.  I really do appreciate you coming, whether you’re a regular reader, or are brand new to it.  Nothing makes me happier than to see the “view” count going up on a post, or reading the (depressingly rare) comments and feedback.  I recently changed over to the Disqus comment system, which allows you to log in using all the popular social media identifiers, so don’t be shy.

There really aren’t that many dedicated robot blogs out there, but I pride myself on creating the best one about humanoids.  I hope you’ll agree that after two years – and nearly four hundred and fifty robots entered into the database that we’re well on our way to becoming the definitive website about them.

There are still several dozen older robots that I plan to cover (including some favorites) and I’ll continue to do my best to bring you fresh ones as they appear.  Can you believe that the “robots” folder on my computer is over 55 gigabytes in size?  That’s a lot of robot documents, photos, and videos.

Head on past the break for full contest details!

What’s Up For Grabs

You’re in the right place because we’re holding a contest that will be giving away a very cool – and very rare – model replica of Hitachi’s EMIEW-2 (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Work-mate).  The EMIEW-2 is one of my favorite humanoid designs (somewhere in the top ten), which is saying a lot when you consider all the robots out there.  Not only is it super cute, but it sports the most unusual leg-wheel hybrid system for getting around.

The figure itself is quite large at 20cm (8″) tall, dwarfing the toy replicas of Honda’s ASIMO, and features fully articulated limbs and an alarm clock feature.  It was produced by Mi2 STUDIO, based in Taiwan, which specializes in OEM/ODM and vinyl figures (they have a blog, too).

The thing is, you won’t find this figure anywhere else.  You couldn’t actually buy it.  It was a promotional item given away if you bought a Hitachi vacuum cleaner in Taiwan for a limited time!  We couldn’t believe our luck to find one!

How to Enter

You can enter the contest by leaving a comment below (be sure to include your contact information if you don’t sign in via social media).  You can up your chances by tweeting a link to our site on Twitter, or leaving a link on Facebook – just leave a separate comment pointing to your tweet or Facebook wall post.  You can leave up to three comments that way, but don’t leave more than one regular comment because you’ll be disqualified!  The contest ends on Thursday, August 4th, at 11:59pm Central Standard Time (comments left afterward will not be counted).  Next Friday, we’ll be using to generate the winner.  Good luck!

The contest is now closed.  Thank you all for your comments and well wishes!  The winner is Emma Chaisson.

  • cool.

  • Congratulations!

  • Bumin

    happy birthday plasticpals I haven’t commented on this site before and I enjoy reading the articles on plasticpals keep posting.

  • Bumin

    happy birthday plasticpals I haven’t commented on this site before and I enjoy reading the articles on plasticpals keep posting.

  • Zoltán Vigh

    Happy Bithday!

  • Exuma

    I’ve always liked robots, I’ll give the drawing a go…

  • Happy birthday PlasticPals! Love your site!

  • RoboteShop

    We at appreciate the work you do here.

  • Daxx2k

    I’m glad there are still people that talks about robots today!! :)

  • Karina

    Happy birthday to you! :-)

  • MFrend54

    Happy Birthday~hard to believe it’s been only two years always look forward to see new videos you’ve uploaded

  • Matt

    And a Twitter link to share the birthday love :-) 

    Happy birthday :-)

  • Cole!/artphotostudent
    and the twitter link.
    hey, even if i don’t win, i’m glad to help spread the word.

  • Cole

    Hooray! an awesome figure for a neat contest!
    Happy birthday as well!

  • I wish you more and more years of awesomeness ^^

  • Congrats on your anniversary~ Your videos freak me out sometimes but they’re really cool and I love them~ :D

  • Emma Chaisson


  • Emma Chaisson

    Congratulations! You have been my number one source for all the latest news on humanoids!

  • Congratulations on your new bit.

  • e o

    Plastic Pals is only 2 years old? This website is one of my favorite sites ever since I found your channel! You guys are the only ones I trust to keep me updated on the latest robots! Thanks for everything and I hope you stay around for many more years!

    Sending Thanks and Happy Birthday

  • My FB post for chance #2:

  • Congratulations on the birthday. It is unique enough, from other robot blogs, that I enjoy coming here several times a week for humanoid robot info and game reviews.

  • Plastic Pals is a good site. I really like the videos on YouTube.
    Keep up the good work!
    I hope I win that Awesome Robot!

  • Devin Ramdoyal

    Happy birthday! plz make me win

  • Biomimetix

    Happy 2 years of being an informative source of robotics news! Thanks for the hard work.

  • Matt

    Happy Birthday Plastic Pals! Keep bringing us the news we love to hear about :-)

  • Happy Birthday from CustoBots!,

    Plasticpals has been a great source for us. If we want to bring in a new Humanoid to our already large database, we check Plasticpals first, because they are usually
    the first talking about new high-end platforms.

    Again, thanks for all your work!

    And yes, we would love to win EMIEW-2 ;o)

  • noob

    Happy Birthday  :-)  I really like the blog and read it daily.  I don’t comment very much on blogs, but I thought I would her to let you know we’re out here reading your blog, and you’re doing a great job!  :-)

  • Happy birthday!

  • @plasticpals – amazing site. it feeds my love of robotics.

    happy b-day!


  • Anonymous

    Been reading everyday for over a year :-) Great Big Happy Birthday… EMIEW-2 is my No1.

  • Anonymous

    Whoo! 2 years! Daily reader of this website right here.

  • Evan

    Happy birthday! :D

  • It is so cool! Love it.

  • Love it here! Go on. Also if i will not win ;)