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Video: Rare Clip of Honda’s P4 (ASIMO Prototype)

Recently I come across an old PBS documentary called “Beyond Human” (check back on Monday for the review), and I was rather surprised to find it contained some footage of Honda’s P4.

Despite being built sometime between the P3 and ASIMO (1997~1999), Honda never publicized it, nor was it present at later robot exhibitions where the P3 made appearances.  Given that it was only added to Honda’s ASIMO museum last March, it’s rather strange that they allowed the film crew to shoot it at all back in the late ’90s, but hey – we’re not complaining!

Although it is the same size as the P3, it is significantly lighter and had more degrees of freedom which allowed it to walk in an S-curve.  We’re pleased to bring you this rare clip of it in action (reproduced for educational purposes).


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