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Innovati Offers Alternative Miniature Robot Hands

Back in 2009 we covered the Melissa Hands accessory put out by Crafthouse, which are miniature five-fingered hands for hobby robots that can flex with just a single servo.  A pair will set you back around $650 (including servos), which is a little expensive when you consider how fragile the fingers can be.  Some hobbyists have tried to make their own to save money but it’s not exactly easy to do, since each finger joint contains several small parts that have to be designed and machined.

Now there’s an appealing alternative thanks to Innovati Robotics: a similar pair of hands for only half the price.  They can be purchased here at CustoBot’s website (a Canadian robotics distributor).  In the following video they’re attached to an Innovati biped kit, but they’ll work with other humanoids too.

UPDATE: Custobots now offer the hands without the servos, so that hobbyists who want to use other brands can save even more money!  They can be ordered here at a price of $260 for just the hands, which is definitely not bad at all.  From Custobots:

To fit other servos, the servo itself has to fit in the bracket that comes with it, and the horn’s holes must fit the second bracket, that drives the hands.

So to buy a different horn or drill different holes in the bracket is the easy part, even the second bracket does not seem to be a problem, but to fit the servo in the bracket that actually holds the servo in place seems challenging.

However, it’s only a standard bracket and with all those 3D Printers on the market, it would be easy to build one in a short time.

In other words, most “standard” servos like Futaba, Hitec or GWS servos will fit.


[source: CustoBots]

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