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AISoy1 Gets ROS, DIY kits

Ok, so we weren’t exactly kind to the AISoy1 when it hit our radar.  Part of the reason is because back when it was first announced, we didn’t know it would only cost 299 € ($430 USD).  That’s not bad for an educational robotics platform that can do face recognition, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and more.  Now, a ROS SDK is being made available, which means anyone can code new “Botapps” for the robot.  Additionally, you’ll be able to purchase the individual components used in the robot, such as its camera board and LED array, for use in your own DIY or educational projects.  The components aren’t available through AISoy Robotics’ store just yet, but they could prove to be a great option for hobbyists looking to add ROS-compatible computer vision to their hobby robot.


[source: AISoy Robotics (EN, ES) & Blog (ES)]

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