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Takeshi Maeda’s back with OmniZero.13

It has been a little while since we’ve seen any new robots from Takeshi Maeda, a ROBO-ONE and RoboCup Soccer champion who works for Vstone in Japan.

He’s posted some extremely short clips of his latest creation – what he is calling OmniZero.13 (though it seems to be the 11th robot in the series) – walking, running, and jumping.  Like the last couple versions this one is quite a bit smaller than OmniZero.9, the behemoth rolled on wheels and even carried him in 2009.  It appears that he has modified some Maxon motors in an attempt to get faster speed.

Check out the videos, and you can see more clips of his robots at his YouTube channel below.

Video (walking):

Video (running):

Video (jumping):

[source: M1MMJP @ YouTube & Takeshi Maeda’s site (JP)]

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