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Videos: Gundam Geekery At Its Finest

Two Gundam fans recently showed off their dedication to the popular animated series with a pair of creative hobby projects.

First up is Taras Lesko (who goes by the alias Visual Splicer) who created a massive 7-foot tall papercraft model.  He recreated a die-cast model of a mobile suit using a 3D application and printed out the 1,250 parts on hundreds of sheets of paper.  Due to the model’s size and weight (approximately 10 lbs) he had to build a foamboard skeleton just to keep the thing upright.  This is quite easily one of the largest and most impressive papercraft models we’ve ever seen, and Taras says he believes the project took around 350 hours to complete.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can download and build your own papercraft models based on a handful of real robots by going to our Features page and scrolling down to “robot papercrafts”.  More videos and photos of the project can be found at the source link.


Earlier, a Japanese fan built a 9-foot tall Gundam model using the left over plastic bits from his die-cast models (see here).  Thankfully, for those of us who might want such a thing but are too lazy to build one ourselves, we can always buy the official 5-foot tall plastic model (see here).

[source: Visual Spicer] via [Engadget]

Next up we have a modified KHR-3HV hobby robot kit by Sakanabin-san, who dressed it up in a mobile suit exoskeleton.  The added weight (approximately 900g) has caused the robot to lose some of its strength, which should give you an idea of how hard it is to build a fancy looking hobby robot.


Of course, with the perpetual popularity of the Gundam franchise in Japan, Sakanabin-san isn’t the first to build an actual robot based on it.  You can watch a smorgasbord of Gundam-themed robots wrestling in this earlier post.

[source: Nico Nico Douga (JP)] via [IT Media (JP)]

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