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ROBO-G Crashes IREX 2011 + Trailer

Which of these isn’t a real robot?

The arms look quite similar!

ROBO-G, a new Japanese comedy hitting theaters next year, put in a quick cameo at IREX 2011.  The film’s main character is an elderly man who is hired to dress up as a robot by an electronics company (we’ve already covered the film’s synopsis in more detail here).  In these photos you can see ROBO-G mugging for the camera at Kawada Industries’ booth with the HRP humanoids, and with Yaskawa’s newly unveiled SmartPal VII.  Needless to say, ROBO-G fit right in amongst all the real robots.  More photos can be found at the film’s official twitter account (see source links below), and don’t miss the trailer!

Video (trailer):

[sources: ROBO-G @ Twitter & ROBO-G (JP)]

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