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More Robots for Bucheon City Hall

Last year we reported on a service robot built for Bucheon City Hall in South Korea which was able to provide directions, validate parking, and ATM functions.  The new guide robot is aimed at a younger crowd, and it uses voice recognition to interact with visitors (e.g. when asked, “Where’s the mayor’s office?” it replies, “Main floor”).

It too is capable of autonomous navigation and can validate your parking, but has new features such as taking complaints and other messages.  Robotech has previously developed similar service robots, which function much like mobile kiosks, for use at post offices.  Like most of Korea’s service robots this one moves on wheels, but the designers have added legs for visual effect.

In addition, a modular fire-fighting robot capable of withstanding 700-degrees has been produced by Hanool Robotics (no photo available).  The robot uses image recognition to detect the location of fires, and comes equipped with a spray cannon.  The idea is to promote Bucheon’s robotics industry within the building to all its visitors.

[source: ETNews (KR)]

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