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The Marvelous Machinations of Yoshikazu Senkoji

The following artwork was created by Yoshikazu Senkoji, an Arts Teacher at the Kyoto Saga University of Arts and a lecturer at the Kobe Art College.  His unique work, often brought to life with simple spinning motors, has appeared in galleries abroad to the delight of children and adults alike.  Collected here is a small sample of his adorable robot dioramas, which can sell for up to $3,000 USD!  He has also published a handful of books that detail the construction of paper and cardboard creatures (be aware the instructions are probably Japanese only).  More photos and videos of his creations are tucked under the break.

[sources: Danball PaPa & Paper World (JP)]

“Love Lift”

“Love Catch”

“Robo Loco”

Video (Robo Loco):

“Cleaning Time”

“Trouble Meter”

“Robocopter 3”

Video (Robocopter):

“Robo Loco G”

Video (White Locomo):

Video (Stream Factory):

Pretty awesome, huh?  Sort of makes me want to get out the old pair of scissors, glue stick, and paper!

[sources: Danball PaPa & Paper World (JP)]