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Hajime Research Is Building A Working 4 meter (13 ft) Robot

Hajime Sakamoto, the president of the Hajime Research Institute (a Japanese company that has been building humanoid robots since 2002) is unhappy with the world famous 1/1 scale Gundam statue.  It’s nice and all, but it’s still just a statue, and he wants to build the real deal.  In 2009 he built a 210cm (7 ft) tall robot – one of the tallest in the world – and he’s now attempting to build a working 4 meter (13 ft) tall version.  The robot will even sport a built-in cockpit.  Next he plans to build one that is 8 meters (26 ft) and if all goes according to plan, he’ll eventually build one that is 18 meters (59 ft) tall – the size of a Gundam mobile suit.  It may sound impossible, but a dream is a dream.

The company is looking for sponsors to help them complete the current project, and is working with NKK Kyousei and contractors to build the parts.  In the mean time, you can become a fan of the project on its official Facebook page.  The following video shows the 2 meter robot, No.33, in action.


[source: Hajime Robot (JP/EN)] via [4_d @ Twitter (JP)]