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• Mok-i & Won-i

Mokwon University (South Korea) held a four-day Robot Festival in early November, a yearly event that began in 2006 to showcase student robot projects.  The twenty or so examples being demonstrated this year included some that could be controlled using a smart phone, autonomous vehicles that used both stereoscopic vision and 3D vision systems, service robots, small bipeds, and guides for the visually impaired.  The humanoids in the photo (Mok-i and Won-i) have also attracted prospective students to the university’s booth at recent college and university fairs.  The lab boasts a 100% graduate employment rate for the past two years.  Mokwon University is located in Daedeok Innopolis, a technological innovation hub in Daejeon made up of several universities and research institutes including KAIST.

Watch the robots perform a stilted dance perfomance, or view some more photos after the break.

[source: Mokwon University (KR)] via [Chosun (KR)]

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Image credit:
GGilbo | Daejeon Story