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EVOLTA Robot Battery Recharger Set Goes On Sale

The real EVOLTA robots enjoy some much-deserved rest & relaxation

Panasonic’s EVOLTA batteries have made a splash over the past few years thanks to its cute robotic mascot, which has in various forms completed an Iron Man Triathlon.  In case you missed it, you can watch excerpts from the event on the company’s YouTube channel here.

Sadly, if you wanted to take the robot home you had to make due with a small cellphone charm – until now.  Panasonic has begun selling a battery recharger set in the shape of the robot!  Unfortunately, it’s just a stationary figure with no moving parts, but it’s the closest thing you can get to owning the real deal (maybe they’ll make one that actually moves in the future).  It’s priced at 3,910 JPY ($50 USD) at Amazon Japan.

The company is also holding a contest (exclusively in Japan) where 4 people (plus one guest) will win a 6 day trip to Hawaii (where the Iron Man Triathlon took place).  An additional fifty people will win the charger set, and another 230 people will win a mini EVOLTA Swimmer.  Some have already pointed out that the real robot isn’t much more sophisticated than a child’s bath toy, and it looks like they were right!

Hopefully the toy will also go on sale separately because it sure is cute!

[source: EVOLTA website & Amazon Japan (JP)]