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• Filio

Filio is a robot mascot character representing CREFUS (Create Future Science), an extra curricular science program with several locations across Japan.  Students work primarily with Lego Mindstorms NXT and simplified versions of hobby robot kits depending on their level, and participate in competitions like the International First Lego League.

In 2006 Vstone was contracted to build a working version of Filio, which was then used to demonstrate more advanced robot technology to the students.  Around this time Vstone began developing robot characters including a mascot for Daikin, and would later create Tichno, which was envisioned as an all-purpose promotional robot.  Since then other companies such as RT Corporation have found some degree of success building robot mascots.

Unfortunately due to the relative obscurity of the robot, actual photos and video of the robot are quite rare, however the underlying design is likely based on the Team Osaka VisiON robots.  It appears to stand around 42cm (16.5″) tall (around the same height as the Black Ox robot, see photo) and has approximately 18 degrees of freedom.  The school counts esteemed robotics experts Prof. Minoru Asada (Osaka University) and Prof. Atsuo Takanishi (Waseda University) among its advisors.  More photos and some CG renders of the robot follow after the break.

[sources: CREFUS & Vstone (JP)]


Image credit:
Robomedia | Junichi Suzuki

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