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Video: Aldebaran Robotics’ ROMEO Introduces Himself

Aldebaran Robotics (famous for their NAO humanoid robot) is just one of many partners working on Project ROMEO, but they’re undoubtedly the most important.  The secretive project has been in development for at least a year already, but up until now we’ve just had some conceptual renderings and technical drawings.  This year the robot is supposed to begin field trials where it will help out the blind and autistic, but for now we at least have the first video of the completed prototype.  As you’ll see, the robot appears to be made from 3D printed parts to test how they all fit together; the colors seen in earlier renderings have not yet been applied.  I guess they haven’t quite tackled the standing part yet, either.


It’s only a short self-introduction, but hopefully it will lead to more videos of it up and about soon.  ROMEO is the first “full-scale” humanoid robots built in France, standing 143 cm (4’8″) tall – slightly taller than ASIMO – and will weigh approximately 40 kg (88 lbs).

[source: Project ROMEO website] & [TheAmazel @ YouTube]