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Video: First Look at Team DARwIn’s Teen-Sized Bot

The following video from Stephen McGill (Penn Engineering student and member of Team DARwIn) shows the new DARwIn-XOS robot in action.  A rep from Robotis has stated that the company plans on selling a Teen-Sized version of the DARwIn-OP sometime this year, but according to Stephen this is just an early prototype they’ve been working on at UPenn.  I must admit I’m a little underwhelmed by its configuration, since it looks a little top-heavy and could probably benefit from an extra servo in each knee.  Although there’s still a bit more time to work out any kinks, since RoboCup 2012 takes place in Mexico this June.


Having made their mark in RoboCup 2011’s Kid-Size and Adult-Size leagues, Team DARwIn is no doubt eager to compete in the Teen-Size category.  Beginning this year each team competing in the Teen-Size league will have two autonomous robots on the field, which will allow for more complexity than a simple shoot-out.  Over the years the Teen-Size requirements have changed from 60-80cm (2-2.5′) to the current rule of 90-120cm (3-4′) tall.  Eventually taller robots will have to become the norm if RoboCup is ever going to achieve its goal of competing with human players.

[source: StephenGMcGill @ YouTube]

  • Snake_Oil_Baron

    I was prepared to be underwhelmed myself but it does seem to be far more stable than many tall and thin robots that lurch back and forth like a ladder on roller skates. It’s not ready for “Dancing with the Stars” yet (or even “Dancing with the Stairs”) but it’s slightly whelming.